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Västerås Film Festival

19 – 26 August 2023

One of the most interesting film festivals in Northern Europe. A cultural event that introduces new relevant films and film culture to both the public and professionals.

The purpose of the festival is to influence the cultural agenda, be accessible to the public and industry with film screenings, workshops, lectures, debates, film cafés, exhibitions, and entertainment.

Jury Honorary Award Recipients

Lennart Jähkel

"I am very honoured to receive this wonderful award"

Lennart Jähkel

Jury Honorary Prize 2016

Maria Lundqvist

"Every award is important! It is a very nice award which I will put on display at home."

Maria Lundqvist

Jury Honorary Prize 2017

Rolf Lassgård

”I began my acting career in theatre in Västerås at Mariaberget. So it was wonderful to return, and I feel honoured.”

Rolf Lassgård

Jury Honorary Prize 2018

Colin Nutley

"We don't make films to win awards. But I am very honoured to receive this award.”

Colin Nutley

Jury Honorary Prize 2019

Helena Bergström

”It was wonderful to return to Västerås, where I have lived and where my father was theatre director. Thank you for this award!”

Helena Bergström

Jury Honorary Prize 2019

Christina Schollin

I am very touched by being awarded this year's Honorary Prize, and it's so beautiful as well! Thank you!

Christina Schollin

Jury Honorary Prize 2021

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Lorenzo Iannello

Great event: friendly and nice people. I had a great week in Västerås festival.

“Great event: friendly and nice people”

— Lorenzo Iannello, Italy

Melissa Skirboll

Västerås is a beautiful city and the people there are wonderful. I felt honored to have my film included.

“The films selected for the festival were top notch”

— Melissa Skirboll, USA

Perica Antov

Thank you again to Anna and Carlos for your friendly welcome. This Festival is highly recommended. Best wishes.

“This Festival is highly recommended.”

— Perica Antov, Austria

Paul Kelly

This is an amazing festival with wonderful organizers and some really talented filmmakers presenting their work.

“This is an amazing festival, Bookmark this festival”

— Paul Kelly, USA

Anastasia Nezhivaia

Welcoming atmosphere. We're very grateful for the award of the Best International Animation. Thank you so much!

“welcoming atmosphere”

— Anastasia Nezhivaia, Russia


Over the years, Västerås Film Festival has shown over 1000 films, from about 80 countries, awarded about 140 prizes regionally, nationally and internationally.

Over the years, the festival has had several thousand visitors on site and many millions via the website.
We have many thousands of loyal followers on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Press, radio, and TV have paid attention to us, and we are known on a national, Nordic and international level.
Västerås Film Festival is 100% free culture with power and creativity.