“Västerås is a beautiful city and the people there are wonderful. The films selected for the festival were top notch: it was incredibly well curated and I felt honored to have my film included.”

Melissa Skirboll, director/actress (USA)


“Unfortunately, I didn’t get to attend the festival, however, the communication was so clear and friendly and thoughtful. It was such an honor to have been selected for screening my film with you! Thank you so, so much!!!”

Ember Crowley

“I couldn’t attend the festival, however i would like to thanks to the organizers for including my film. Keep up the good work and stay safe.”

Matin Akravi

“Västerås Filmfestival is a good film festival.”

André Almeida Rodrigues

“Good films, networking and seminars and very good organized award ceremony.”

Eveline Grassman


“One of those few, counted, truly independent film festivals. They program films from submissions and support independent filmmakers. Quality organization, quality films and great film festival. The director, Carlos Morén, deserves recognition for this effort. Highly recommended to fellow filmmakers.”

Pablo Hadis

“Thank you for a very interesting Film Festival. Looking forward to see you next year!”

Margareta Pettersson

“So proud that our documentary ‘SERVAIS’ won the award for ‘Best International Documentary’ in Västerås . Also nice to meet international colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere. Tnx!”

Rudy Pinceel

“This is an amazing festival with wonderful organizers and some really talented filmmakers presenting their work. It was a great honor to have my film, Fowl Fury, recognized as an Official Selection by a film festival that really cares about filmmakers and their work. Attention All Filmmakers: Bookmark this festival for next year and every year!”

Paul Kelly

“A member of our team attended the festival. He has been very positive about the festival quality, event organization, and welcoming atmosphere.
We’re very grateful for the award of the Best International Animation.
Thank you so much!”

Anastasia Nezhivaia

“It was really great that my short On Air played at Vasteras. Sadly I couldn’t attend. But I saw they put a lot of effort in their film festival. Thanks for screening my short.”

Bastiaan Rook


“I couldn’t be there for the Festival but it was an honour for my team and I to win the Best International 1 min film! It was an amazing surprise! Thank you very much for all this! Hope to be present next time!”

Jacopo Menicagli


“I was not able to attend, but I had good communication with the festival itself. They seem a great venue for micro filmmakers. My film STOOD UP was even nominated for an award!”

Jeff Vande Zande

“I am very happy that my short has been selected and screened at the Vasteras FilmFestival.
Unfortunately I couldn’t attend, I wish I could be there to present my film KIKO’S SAINTS to the audience. Once again thank you for this selection.”

Manuel Marmier

“Thank you for having MAMBA be a part of your festival and for being so welcoming”

Sonalii Castillo

“I was honored to have my film be a part of this year’s lineup, and I wish I could have attended. Great festival, Hope to visit someday with another film.”

Eitan Gafny

“Thank you so much for giving two awards to “The Nine Billion Names of God” in your film festival! I really appreciated it and I met fantastic and lovely people ! Long life to Vasteras Film Festival and thanks again ! lot of love”

Dominique Filhol

“Thank you so much for having “Collar” in your film festival! We really appreciated it and look forward to submitting again in the very near future!”

Russell Emanuel

“I think it’s a very exciting festival, I see it through social communication. Unfortunately they didn’t give me answers about one of my proposals. I wish you the best”

Silvio Cantoro


“Very nice film festival ceremony.”

Sajan Shrestha

“Thank you for selecting The Face Swap & Wood Man. Keep the good work supporting Indie Films. Cynthia Bergen, No Sleep Films”

Cynthia Bergen


“A wonderful film festival! I love it very much for sure.”

Joe Chang


“Can’t say much about the actual film festival as we hadn’t the time to attend. But the gala was great! Nice atmosphere making you feel like an Oscar nominee. 🙂 Unfortunately we weren’t given much replies on questions regarding practicals from the festival office.”

Johan Skantze


“Great communication with the staff overall.”

Franco Campos-Lopez

“Very good festival, very nice people. It is a pity that Italy is so far from Sweden!”

Stefano Grossi


“I am honored to win the best photography. Unfortunately I could not participate in vasteras, but communication was very good. I appreciate the wonderful festival!”

Masakazu Kaneko

“Great response and really attentive about details. Great job!”

Teo Jansen


“Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your notice that my film is OFFICIAL SELESTION for the competiotion – I am very glad about it. I wish success to the wonderful festival! Thank you Festival Team.”

Franc Kopic


“My film was selected for this festival, and the organisers for this festival were very communicative and organised throughout and were clear on exactly what they needed from me. I unfortunately couldn’t attend due to a last minute cancelled flight (I’m looking at you Ryanair) but my friend was able to attend and had a good time.”

Drew Marke


“Unfortunately I was not there, but compared to other film festivals the communication between filmmakers and festival staff was on a very high level. Wish you all the best in the next festival edition!”

Jan Fabris


“thank you for your friendliness!”

Pierre Sanoussi-Bliss


“I’m very happy to have been part of this festival. :)”

Markus Helmersson


“I couldn´t attend but they are in touch with you and are friendly”

Javier Figuero


“Fue una lástima no poder asistir, pero se que trataron a mi película con mucho respeto, y para nosotros fue un privilegio estar en la Sección Oficial. Gracias.”

Paco Arasanz


“Perfect!!! Thank you so much for all! It was a big pleasure to be at your festival.”

Vlado Priborsky


“Superb and wonderful and great!”

Richard Thornéus