Västerås Film Festival Filmschool Competition

Västerås Film Festival presents a new event this year; Film school Competition.

This competition is aimed for film schools around the world, who can submit films specifically for this competition for the award Best Film school. This is an international competition where we want to award the best film school of the year. Please consider submitting your works for this competition! It is completely free of charge.


Duration: Short films in three duration categories: 1-10 min., 11-20 min., and 21-30 min.
Genres: All genres are allowed.
Categories: Live action, animation, documentary, experimental, etc.
Deadline: 30 April 2023.

Submit your films here

Upload documents

The documents can be of various types, like PDF, docx, xlsx, txt, csv, etc.

Should contain at least the following information about your films:

Title, synopsis (short), genre, credits, and links to the films with passwords.

Max file size: 20 MB

Privacy policy


  • The Film school and the film team admits permission for Västerås Film Festival to screen all films that take part in the Film School Competition
  • Västerås Film Festival is also given permission to use the film or parts of it in other media, which may include both digital channels and print.