About VFF

What is Västerås Film Festival?
VFF is a film festival that wants to show interesting films of high quality, films that you have not seen anywhere else. You will get to see new and exciting films by filmmakers from around the world. VFF also wants to be a meeting place for filmmakers in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the world.
When is the next Västerås Film Festival?
The next VFF will be held in 19-26 Aug, 2023.
What kinds of films can visitors and audiences expect?
We strive to select films that are interesting and exciting. The films will be of different genres and different styles. No matter what kind of movie you want to see, it's likely to be shown here. Drama, horror, thriller, comedy, fantasy, science fiction, experimental, etc. We show animated films, short films, feature films, documentaries, and music videos.

There will be something for everyone!

When did VFF start?
Västerås Film Festival started in 2015.

Film Submissions

How do I submit my film?
We accept film submissions in three different ways; FilmFreeway, FestHome or via our own website.
Can I submit a film even if it is not finished?
You can do that, but then be prepared to submit the finished film when the time comes to do so.
Are subtitles required for films?
If the film is in a language other than Swedish or English, subtitles are required. However, we prefer that all films have subtitles.