Festival 23rd – 31st October 2021

During the 9 days we will have many different events for the public and the interested filmmaker.

There will be films in different genres to suit different tastes. The films will also have a quality that makes them attractive to the discerning viewer. Films that you haven’t seen anywhere else. You will see new and interesting films by filmmakers from around the world!

Let yourself be drawn into the film’s fantastic world! Do not miss this year’s film fest!

In addition to great films, there will be workshops, debates, interviews, and other events. The Film Festival concludes with a grand gala and awards ceremony.

Join us on this journey and help us make Västerås into a centre for great film!



Västerås Film Festival was founded in 2015 by Carlos Morén. The festival’s mission is to strengthen interest in quality film and production regionally, nationally and internationally. During the first round, we only received short films, both fiction and documentaries.

In 2016 we showed feature films for the first time. Best documentary, short film, directing, photography, female and male actors were divided up and are now also awarded to Swedish recipients.

In addition, three completely new prices were established; The New Star Award, which aims to find a new rising talent, as well as the Miniroom.se children and youth talent prize, to draw attention to a child actor who have particularly distinguished themselves that year.

The third prize that premiered was the Honorary Prize, which from this year onward has been awarded to fantastic Swedish actors. The first actor to be honoured was Lennart Jähkel.

For 2019 edition, we opened the doors for music videos, our own category in the field of film.

We are right now preparing the festival for its sixth year. The festival will be moved to late autumn in, 23-31 October, in 2021. The previous national prices are changed to Nordic. Since it can be uneven for short and feature films to compete for the same prizes, we add prizes especially for short films.

A youth competition is also added, where we give young people in Västerås the chance to show off their creativity by recording minute-long films.

The Contents of the Festival

  • Screening different genres of films in cinemas and different kinds of showrooms, such as galleries, libraries, etc.
  • Workshops covering different and various areas like screenwriting, acting, directing, etc.
  • Lectures and debates with different themes regarding filmmaking, films, business.
  • Social vulnerability is a recurring theme. Other themes focus on genres, film culture in different countries, and cultural policies.
  • Exhibitions with film themes.
  • Feature films, short films, documentaries, animated films, and music videos.
  • Parties and mingle.
  • Award ceremony for short films.
  • Award ceremony for feature films.
  • Filmmakers will present their films at Carlforsska or VäxHuset in Västerås.

The Aims of the Film Festival

Stimulate filmmaking locally, nationally, and internationally.
Encourage the viewing of quality films in different genres regionally, nationally, and internationally.
Encourage and provide recognition for filmmakers by awarding prizes in various categories such as creative, qualitative and unique films at four levels; secondary level, regional level, national level and international level.

To give Västerås a place in the film world as a cultural city and carrier of film culture.

Prizes awarded

We have presented a lot of awards to talented and creative filmmakers and actors in our first five years.



CategoryTitleAward winnersNatlyNote
Best International DocumentaryMr. Joe Lives AloneDaneeta Jackson, Patrick JacksonUSAEst. 2015
Best International Short FilmGame of LifeAgnès VialletonFrankrikeEst. 2015
Best International AnimationGolden ShotGökalp GönenTurkietEst. 2015
Best International 1-minut FilmWater CycleCiril Mlinar CicSlovenienEst. 2015
Best International DirectingZeroDavid VictoriSpanienEst. 2015
Best International Female ActorAirgirlArielle ThomasAustralienSverigeEst. 2015
Best International Male ActorThe AnkletBenoit ThiebaultFrankrikeEst. 2015
Best International PhotographyGood YearYuichi NagataJapanEst. 2015
Best International ScreenplayEn RouteXu ZhangUSAEst. 2015
Best International SoundThe Red ThunderGuillermo MarinUSAEst. 2015
Regional PrizeKryssningsmannenLinn Tinnerholm, Mary Atim, Simon FältsjöSverigeEst. 2015
Jury Talent PrizeThe EgoistEmil Torneryd, Oscar BergmanSverigeEst. 2015


CategoryTitleAward winnersNatlyNote
Best International Feature FilmBlockbuster – A Life in Moving PicturesVlado PriborskyÖsterrikeEst. 2016
Best International Short Film90 Degrees NorthDetsky GraffamTysklandEst. 2015
Best International DocumentaryAlong the IceJoris FavraudFrankrikeEst. 2015
Best International 1-minute FilmSe upp för tågMarkus HelmerssonSverigeEst. 2015
Best International ScreenplayShow BusinessAlexander TovarSpanienEst. 2015
Best International DirectingAutumn FallJan VardoenNorgeEst. 2015
Best International PhotographyTristan TortuyauxBästa internationella fotografiFrankrikeEst. 2015
Best International Female ActorSisters-Share EverythingWinnie BöweGermanyEst. 2015
Best International Male ActorMotherJakub KotynskiPolenEst. 2015
Best National DocumentaryDe Blev Våra MödrarRoland PerssonSverigeEst. 2016
Best National Short FilmBröder i midnattssolLars PerssonSverigeEst. 2016
Best National DirectingSvart KungRonnie BrolinSverigeEst. 2016
Best National Female ActorHöstmåneÅsa Älmeby ThorneSverigeEst. 2016
Best National Male ActorHöstmåneThomas HedengranSverigeEst. 2016
Jury Honorary AwardSpecialprisLennart JähkelSverigeEst. 2016
Regional PrizeSpecialprisMarcus Holmqvist, David BillströmSverigeEst. 2015
The New Star AwardSpecialprisMatilda TjerneldSverigeEst. 2016
Miniroom.se children and youth talent prizeSpecialprisAndré Persson GintnerSverigeEst. 2016
Jury Talent AwardSpecialprisCharlie FilmbergSverigeEst. 2015


CategoryTitleAward winneersNatlyNotering
Best International Feature FilmWildernessNeil Fox, Justin DohertyStorbritannienVFF-event
Best International Short FilmMargheritaLorenzo IannelloItalienVFF-event
Best International AnimationBelow 0°Itai HagageCosta RicaÅter instiftat pris 2017
Best International DocumentaryStanding with Standing RockBob YothersNederländernaVFF-event
Best International 1-minute FilmDecayMatilda WikingsonSverigeVFF-event
Best International ScreenplayWildernessNeil FoxStorbritannienVFF-event
Best International DirectingWildernessJustin DohertyStorbritannienVFF-event
Best International PhotographyThe Albino’s TreesMasakazu KanekoJapanVFF-event
Best International Female ActorI did her wrongCatalina LavalleUSAVFF-event
Best International Male ActorIn the DesertTony PlanaUSAVFF-event
Best Nordic Feature FilmVykort Från PetrokeminSimon Borka GunnarssonSverigeVFF-event
Best National DocumentaryBondepoetenRoland PerssonSverigeVFF-event
Best National Short FilmAllting Föreställer, Ingenting ÄrJohan SkantzeSverigeVFF-event
Best National ScreenplayEn Flickas HämndMax MarklundSverigeVFF-event
Best National PhotographyEn Flickas HämndAnders JacobssonSverigeVFF-event
Best National DirectingVykort Från PetrokeminSimon Borka GunnarssonSverigeVFF-event
Best National Female ActorAllting Föreställer, Ingenting ÄrAmy MattssonSverigeVFF-event
Best National Male ActorVykort Från PetrokeminLars VäringerSverigeVFF-event
Jury Honorary PrizeSpecialprisMaria LundqvistSverigeVFF-event
Regional PrizeSpecialprisRobin WidellSverigeVFF-event
The New Star AwardSpecialprisMalte Myrenberg GårdingerSverigeVFF-event
Miniroom.se children and youth talent prizeSpecialprisThea Karmgård, Linnéa LundströmSverigeVFF-event
Jury Talent AwardSpecialprisFredrik HellqvistSverigeVFF-event


CategoryTitelAward winnersNatlyNote
Best International  Feature FilmGoliathDominik LocherSchweizVFF-event
Best International Short FilmThe Nine Billion Names of GodDominique FilholFrankrikeVFF-event
Best International AnimationThe Robot ButlerJens BroströmSverigeVFF-event
Best International DocumentaryClaudio Fasoli’s InnersoundsAngelo PoliItalienVFF-event
Best International 1-minute FilmMemory of our PeersBrice VenezianoFrankrikeVFF-event
Best International ScreenplayGoliathDominik LocherSchweizVFF-event
Best International DirectingGoliathDominik LocherSchweizVFF-event
Best International PhotographyThe Nine Billion Names of GodAthys de GalzainFrankrikeVFF-event
Best International Female ActorThe ForestNatalya RychkovaRysslandVFF-event
Best International Male ActorGoliathSven SchelkerSchweizVFF-event
Best Nordic Feature FilmBride Price VS DemocracyReza RahimiSverigeVFF-event
Best National DocumentaryThe Rocking Barber of HisingenTomas HaglundSverigeVFF-event
Best National Short FilmDreamlifeAnna Mercedes BergionSverigeVFF-event
Best National ScreenplayBride Price VS DemocracyReza Rahimi, Amir Abbas PayamSverigeVFF-event
Best National PhotographyEisodusAxel Adolfsson, Troels Rosenkrantz AndersenSverigeVFF-event
Best National DirectingBride Price VS DemocracyReza RahimiSverigeVFF-event
Best National Female ActorDreamlifeMichaela BernerSverigeVFF-event
Best National Male ActorBride Price VS DemocracyAshkan GhodsSverigeVFF-event
Jury Honorary PrizeSpecialprisRolf LassgårdSverigeVFF-event
Regional PrizeSpecialprisJamshed KhanSverigeVFF-event
The New Star AwardSpecialprisEmil AlgpeusSverigeVFF-event
Miniroom.se children and youth talent prizeSpecialprisNike RingqvistSverigeVFF-event
Jury Talent AwardSpecialprisErik KammerlandSverigeVFF-event
Årets publikpris 2018SpecialprisTrädgårdsgatanSverigeEst. 2018


CategoryTitleAward winnersNatlyNote
Best International Feature FilmA Picture with YukiLachezar AvramovBulgarienVFF-event
Best International Short FilmAmaroFabian DöringTysklandVFF-event
Best International animationThe Tree of PoisonAndrey FedorovRysslandVFF-event
Best International documentaryServaisRudy PinceelBelgienVFF-event
Best International 1-minute FilmI Just Need LoveJake J MenianiStorbritannienVFF-event
Best International ScreenplayA Picture with YukiDimitar StoyanovichBulgarienVFF-event
Best International DirectingA Picture with YukiLachezar AvramovBulgarienVFF-event
Best International PhotographyTwo Times YouBeto CasillasMexikoVFF-event
Best International Female ActorNo NewsSilvia EspigadoSpanienVFF-event
Best International Male ActorDream StateKarim TheilgaardDanmarkVFF-event
Best International Music Video“Imagination” av Jordan CoreyRoth RindUSAVFF-event
Best Nordic Feature FilmLantisarMalin DahlSverigeVFF-event
Best National DocumentaryKindertransports to SwedenGülseren SengezerSverigeVFF-event
Best National Short FilmCancelSebastian Johansson MicciSverigeVFF-event
Best National ScreenplayBundenGöran ParkrudSverigeVFF-event
Best National PhotographyFinding AliceIga MiklerSverigeVFF-event
Best National DirectingLantisarMalin DahlSverigeVFF-event
Best National Female ActorBundenSusanna HelldénSverigeVFF-event
Best National Male ActorLantisarPeter SjöquistSverigeVFF-event
Jury Honorary PrizeSpecialprisHelena Bergström, Colin NutleySverigeVFF-event
Regional PrizeSpecialprisRobert ReinholdssonSverigeVFF-event
The New Star AwardSpecialprisTherese ErikssonSverigeVFF-event
Miniroom.se children and youth talent prizeSpecialprisMiranda GrassmanSverigeVFF-event
Jury Talent AwardSpecialprisSune EskelinenSverigeVFF-event
Årets publikpris 2019Specialpris438 DagarSverigeEst. 2018