Festival 5th – 20th June 2021

During the 15 days we will have many different events for the public and the interested filmmaker.

There will be films in different genres to suit different tastes. The films will also have a quality that makes them attractive to the discerning viewer. Films that you haven’t seen anywhere else. You will see new and interesting films by filmmakers from around the world!

Let yourself be drawn into the film’s fantastic world! Do not miss this year’s film fest!

In addition to great films, there will be workshops, debates, interviews, and other events. The Film Festival concludes with a grand gala and awards ceremony.

Join us on this journey and help us make Västerås into a center for great film!


The Contents of the Festival

  • Screening different genres of films in cinemas and different kinds of showrooms, such as galleries, libraries, etc.
  • Workshops covering different and various areas like screenwriting, acting, directing, etc.
  • Lectures and debates with different themes regarding filmmaking, films, business.
  • Social vulnerability is a recurring theme. Other themes focus on genres, film culture in different countries, and cultural policies.
  • Exhibitions with film themes.
  • Feature films, short films, documentaries, animated films, and music videos.
  • Parties and mingle.
  • Award ceremony for short films.
  • Award ceremony for feature films.
  • Filmmakers will present their films at Carlforsska or VäxHuset in Västerås.

The Aims of the Film Festival

Stimulate filmmaking locally, nationally, and internationally.
Encourage the viewing of quality films in different genres regionally, nationally, and internationally.
Encourage and provide recognition for filmmakers by awarding prizes in various categories such as creative, qualitative and unique films at four levels; secondary level, regional level, national level and international level.

To give Västerås a place in the film world as a cultural city and carrier of film culture.


Västerås Film Festival was founded in 2015 by Carlos Morén, and right now preparing for its 6th year. The aims of the festival are to promote quality film and film production regionally, nationally, and internationally. 2016 was the first year we screened feature-length films.