1-minute film, drama | Taiwan

You Reap What You Sow is a proverb that means future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions.
Ocean plastic pollution is not an abstract issue anymore. On the contrary, it is related to our lives and diets. Single-use plastics that are abandoned by humans often drift into the ocean, decompose themselves into microbeads which sea creatures often mistaken for food, and eventually put those lives in danger.
However, not only those animals, but humans will be affected and harmed by plastics through the food chain. For example, we accumulate those plastics in our stomachs by eating fish or seafood.
We hope this film can visualize the situation, ”buy fish, put it in plastic and eat them in the end.”
With irony and fantasy, we hope the audience will be aware that the situation is now happening to us and encourage them to reflect on the importance of environmental protection and plastic reduction!


Saturday, August 19, 1:45 pm
K2 Västerås Museum (Karlsgatan 2, Västerås)
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Director Chia-Hung Kao
Writer Chia-Hung Kao
Cinematographer Si-Yun Hou
Key cast Xiao-Qian Huang, Zi-Wei Huang
Other credits Editor: Si-Yun Hou; Assistant Director: Yu-Ching Hung; Line Producer: Chih-Yu Cheng; Advisor: Tay-Jou Lin


Year 2022
Duration 0h 01m
Genres 1-minute film, drama
Language Chinese – Min Nan with English subtitles