Drama | Denmark

Benjamins’ good life as an immigrant in Denmark turns completely around when his sister gets reaped and the justice system fails them. Benjamin can’t accept it and makes a difficult choice to protect his family.


Wednesday, August 23, 9:30 pm
Zita Bio Salong 2 (Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm)
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Director Emma Balcazar
Writer Haris Samar
Producer Haris Samar, Gustav Foldorf, Emma Balcazar
Cinematographer Gustav Foldorf
Key cast Haris Samar, Rudi Køhnke, Josefine Glæsel, Herve Toure, Mohamed Ali Osman, Kenneth Matthes, Laura B. Eskild Jensen
Other credits


Year 2022
Duration 0h 10m
Genres Drama
Language Danish with subtitles