Drama, thriller | Sweden

When a lonely girl is on her way home in the middle of the night, she finds herself being photographed and stalked by a stranger. During her escape from the unknown man, a car comes to her rescue. The driver turns out to be an elderly woman who offers a safe ride home in the dark. It’s a promising offer, but despite a safe car going fast, the dangers of the night somehow manage to catch up.


Friday, August 25, 6:45 pm
Zita Bio Salong 2 (Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm)
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Director Isak Rahim Maatoug
Writer Isak Rahim Maatoug
Producer Isak Rahim Maatoug
Cinematographer Krister Schilling
Key cast Ina Berglund, Beate Leuthold
Other credits


Year 2023
Duration 0h 11m
Genres Drama, thriller
Language Swedish with subtitles