1-minute film, drama | Spain

Ita, a young woman, will try to remove fragments of a pain that torments her. With Juan’s help, she will seek to heal her heart, in an arduous rebuilding process.

This 1-minute short film is a message about the process of human psychology, its different stages, the root of conflicts, and the importance of time, which captures everything in each person’s world.


Thursday, August 24, 8:15 pm
Zita Bio Salong 2 (Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm)
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Director Roberto I. Ercolalo
Writer Juan M. Barreiro, Roberto I. Ercolalo
Producer Roberto I. Ercolalo, Juan M. Barreiro
Cinematographer Miguel Molinares
Key cast Margarita Hardessen, Juan M. Barreiro
Other credits Soundtrack Composer: Ivan Barchuk; Musicians: Laura Parker (Cello), Ivan Barchuk (Vioin); Sound Edition: Omar Carrascosa; Sound Mixer: Gerardo Truyol; Make-Up, Hair & FX: Silvia Martin; Edition: Roberto I. Ercolalo; Graphic Designer: Jeanette Acosta; Color Correction & Color Grading: Pablo Fresneda Nararro; General Assistant: Agustin Luque


Year 2022
Duration 0h 01m
Genres 1-minute film, drama
Language English, Spanish with subtitles