Documentary | United States

Microsoft, Google, META, and AWS are some of the biggest single-power consumers in the world. Along with other digital infrastructure companies’ consumption, they make up 2.4% of the world’s energy use. This film details the digital infrastructure industry’s work to reduce their carbon footprint in an effort to lower carbon emissions and help save the world.


Saturday, August 19, 2:20 pm
K2 Västerås Museum (Karlsgatan 2, Västerås)
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Director Brandon Robert Gries, Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker
Writer Brandon Robert Gries, John Shoemaker, Ryan Freng
Producer Brandon Robert Gries
Cinematographer Ryan Freng, Johnathan Shoemaker, Luke Kolarsky
Key cast David Gottfried, Ali Ruckteschler, Nancy Novak, Dean Nelson, Christian Belady, Joe Kava, Philip K Bell, Kevin Dempsey, Charles Johnson, Stacy Smedley, Rosemary Barnes, Tabitha Stine, Brent Constantz, Colin Wessells, Kevin Brown, Christie Gamble, Brigette Douglass, Amy Marks, Johnson Agogbua, Ken Cowen, Tom Schott, Craig McKesson, Kay Firth-Butterfield, Chris Downie, Tony Grayson, Matt Koerner, Scott Hannah, Karim Shaikh, Joe Reele, Matt Robinson, Teri Klug, Kyle Self, Jessica Maderos
Other credits Executive Producers: Brandon Robert Gries, Scott Pfeil; Cinematography: Ryan Freng, John Shoemaker, Luke Kolarsky; Editors: Maximillian Olmstead, Tyler Kortekaas; Graphics: Hannah Hess


Year 2022
Duration 0h 10m
Genres Documentary
Language English with subtitles