Documentary | Norway

In this film, we get to know the socially engaged sculptor Asbjørn Høglund, who has made a deep impression through his contributions to the public sphere. Hundreds of people pass several of his sculptures every day, but few know who the artist is. Asbjørn is represented at the National Museum of Norway, but during his 85 years the nestor has only had two exhibitions and remained in the shadow of his sculptures throughout his life. The film explores his creative process, his legacy, and his lifelong dedication to his craft. Viewers get an intimate glimpse into his daily studio routine and experience the third exhibition of his life at Galleri Vanntårnet. As the artist reflects on his life’s work, the film presents a moving contemplation of art, aging, and the enduring power of creativity.


Thursday, August 24, 9:00 pm
Zita Bio Salong 2 (Birger Jarlsgatan 37, Stockholm)
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Director Lasse Dørumsgaard Stensrud
Producer Lasse Dørumsgaard Stensrud, Elin Eriksen, Søgnhild Østvold
Cinematographer Lasse Dørumsgaard Stensrud
Key cast Asbjørn Høglund, Kristin Aud Bøhn, Bjørn Hansen, Jon Larsen, Jan Braly Kihle, Paal Nilssen-Love
Other credits


Year 2023
Duration 0h 38m
Genres Documentary
Language Norwegian with subtitles