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Hello World

Documentary, Coming of Age | 1:27

HELLO WORLD is a celebration of queer kids and young people who have the courage to be different and take pride in their identities, whether it’s coming out, colouring their hair blue or dressing without conforming to gender. They do know from a very young age that they are queer. While their classmates and friends are doing everything to fit in, Runa 12, Dina 13, Viktor 12, and Joachim 14, are defining themselves differently. They are the first to be openly gay in their classes and the youngest in their respective communities to come out. Hello World is a fun, engaging and moving coming-of-age story about being true to yourself. Told through the eyes of the four young people, the film gives us a window into understanding what it is like to grow up as a queer. Building pride is not easy in a world where hate messages are just a click away, and even harder in schools where administration and education systems seek to erase and marginalize outstanding voices. Or when a teammate on the handball team accuses you of looking too much in the shower after training? And how are you going to find a date for the prom when you're the only one at school who's out of the closet? Will life as an open queer become easier over time? 'All my friends in class are hetero. This is Holmestrand. It's a farmer's town. People aren't gay here', says Viktor.