Block: Nordic Short 6

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On The Brink Of Extinction

Drama, Thriller | 0:19

1955, the cold war is reaching its climax. An atomic bomb with 50- megatons capacity lays hidden somewhere in the Swedish capital Stockholm. The Swedish state blames the Soviet Union for this atrocity. Dag, a detective whose suffering from a mysterious “illness” and a spy, Frank knows the true mastermind behind it. It is Edith, one of the founders of the fanatic cult “The doomsday makers”, whose belief is that the doom of humanity is inevitable. And the few elitist members of the cult are chosen by some higher power to speed up the process, by igniting the flame which is world war III. A nuclear holocaust. The film takes place in the intense interrogation between the three. Dag is desperately and carefully trying to found out where the bomb is located, what the disarm code is. Edith is the toughest opponent that Dag can imagine. Manipulative, cunning, fierce and determined. The woman Dag once saw as the love of his life, is not sitting across the table. Determined to succeed with her mission. The clock is ticking, world war III is near.


Drama | 0:10

Benjamins' good life as an immigrant in Denmark turns completely around when his sister gets reaped and the justice system fails them. Benjamin can't accept it and makes a difficult choice to protect his family.