Block: Short Int 2

Fire Rabbit

Drama | 0:15

In rural Australia in the Great Depression, Sam and his older brother James are punished by their stepfather with the task of finding food before the day's end. Through hardship, Sam comes to understand his place within an unrelenting world.

Waiting for Lolo

Drama, Comedy, Comedy | 0:08

On a country road, a couple gone for a ride on a scooter find themselves immobilized after running out of gas. While waiting for their friend Lolo, a philosophical discussion ensues.

Each Had Their Roll

1-minute film | 0:01

They vowed to defeat Gilgamesh. Their histrionics proved anti-climatic.

Bernie Bros Pizza Inc.

1-minute film | 0:01

The Revolution will be cut into 8, 10 or 12 pieces.