Block: Short Int 1


Comedy, Comedy, Drama | 0:09

A terrible crime has been committed. Surely, it can't have anything to do with Timmy?


Drama | 0:12

A beautiful Sunday morning Simon wakes up with Stephanie, he feels intense pain never met beforehand. He moans slightly and turns to Stephanie, who awakes in turn hearing the rales of Simon. While asking her what is happening she reads in her eyes the suffering that gnaws at her, she stands up and approaches him hastily, at this moment Simon weakens and falls back into bed. Simon is transported...

The Date

Drama | 0:01

A boy tries to woo his date by scaring her into to his arms. Does she fall for his trick?


1-minute film | 0:00

A group of healthcare professionals who try to cross Syria border illegally do not speak Kurdish, while the guide does not speak Turkish. The translator's translation remains incomplete.