Block: International Short Mix 9 (Free entry)

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Murder Tongue

Drama | 0:17

It is May of 1992. The state sanctioned “Operation” has put the city of Karachi at constant unrest. Abdul Aziz Ansari wakes up at night and is informed by his daughter in law, Naseema that his son hasn’t returned home. As a knock on their door later at night summons them to the hospital, what they witness along the way is known today as the most brutal chapter of the city’s history, a sentiment of hatred towards their race, deep rooted beneath the system.

Bride stone

Drama | 0:15

In one village in Kyrgyzstan there is a stone that looks like a woman. According to local beliefs, a young woman, having quarreled with her husband and father-in-law, runs away from home. The father-in-law sends a curse on the woman. The fleeing woman supposedly turns to stone. This legend is still believed by local women. And local men, taking advantage of superstition, and the image of a stone woman, are not averse to exerting not only moral even physical pressure on women.