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Longing for Áhkká

Documentary | 1:18

In 1921, the first Swedish documented expedition to summit the highest peak on Áhkká during winter took place. Legendary nature photographer Borg Mesch lead expedition and among the participants was a young local man named Arthur Thelin. Their adventure was well documented through Borg’s camera and Arthur’s pen, as he wrote a journal during the eventful days in this untamed nature in Lapland, the most northern part of Sweden. Magnus Granér is a Swedish professional freeskier and climate activist. When the journal of his unknown great grandfather Arthur Thelin emerge, it brings a deeper understanding for his own chosen path, his love for nature and the importance of the Swedish mountains to him and his family. Exactly 100 years after the first expedition took place, Magnus along with a group of friends travel to Áhkká with the mission to reexperience the summit - and ski from the top. They examine what they have in common with their predecessors and what has changed in 100 years. To purposefully explore the Swedish wilderness is a uniting effort, but Magnus is also battling more stressing issues of our modern day world: the climate crisis. Will his own great grandchildren also be able to redo this adventure in another 100 years, or will the snow be nothing but a collective memory by then?