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Low Rez - When Love Takes The Wheel feat. Julia Taubic

Music Video | 0:03

A music video entirely based on public licensed footage with a touch of film noir, edited into a love triangle. In times of a pandemic, how can you produce a music video that comes with the same level of quality in storytelling, like when filmed in live-action? We came up with a circular approach: Reuse and recycle the existing and rewrite pre-existing footage into a new film noir storyline.


Music Video | 0:03

A music video featuring Daniel Kvammen

Marloe - Remember Me

Music Video | 0:03

A young boy dreams of traveling to a faraway place only to realise his dreams.

Got to move

Music Video | 0:03

A man sits at a sushi bar, snacking on the world’s consumer comforts as they pass by, when he starts to get a bad case of indigestion ...

Down & Out

Music Video | 0:03

MUSIC VIDEO: Alyssa Joanlanne singing the blues classic "Nobody Knows You When You're Down and Out" by Jimmy Cox. Filmed on the set of OVERDUE. Featuring stars of OVERDUE Jeanine Bartel and Howard Hendrix Powell