Block: Short Nord Nom 2

The Palette Of Nature

Drama | 0:14

Max is with his dad on their annual fishing-trip. He has been struggling with his mental health for quite a while and feels like he’s near the breaking point. The trip has given Max a chance to make his dad notice his problems, which is all he wants. He longs for his dad’s attention and wishes he would extend a helping hand. Max’s dad has noticed that something isn’t right but he fears that confronting Max will only make things worse. Instead he chooses to back off and observe in an attempt to make everything seem normal.

Matilda & William

Drama | 0:05

14 year old Matilda is angry that her boyfriend, William, goes on about having anal sex when she really does not want to. She takes her father to meet William's parents to talk them to make William stop asking her for anal sex again.

All of Us

1-minute film | 0:01

"All of Us" is a 1 minute short about a young woman who gets nervous when she is about to have sex with a man and gets reminded of the risk of getting sexually assaulted. When he finally asks for consent, it is a huge relief for her.