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Far Away Man

Music Video | 0:04

The timeless story of a human's experience following trauma, the struggles they and their loved ones can experience, and the hope and freedom available at the end of a journey of process and vulnerability. This is Far Away Man.

Safe Distance

Music Video | 0:04

The clip is based on David Avidan’s song with added words and rap by the creator, reflecting a longing for the past and for the future dovetailed by the movement of the wheelchair and the bicycle.

Safe Journey

Music Video | 0:03

The music video for "Safe Journey" - Masha The Rich Man

Taking Your Life

Music Video, Horror | 0:05

Famous and iconic 80's horror movie tropes meet heavy hard rock in this epic new music video from Swedish hard rock band "Darwiche."


Music Video | 0:03

The music video for the song Krokodiltårar (Crocodile Tears) by Swedish artist Mäki, following the artist in her song alter ego partying in the city, meeting various creatures of the night, and in particular that crocodile bad boy, who finally receives her revenge.

An die Musik

Music Video | 0:02

"An die Musik" by Franz Schubert, by the Take 4 Guitar Quartet, playing an original arrangement for guitar