Block: Nordic Documentaries 2

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Älv, Bååth & Andersson

Documentary | 0:14

The Swedish brothers Adam Andersson and Arvid Bååth grew up on a canoe. On a paddle trip with their friend Jacob to the beautiful Vistas Valley of the Kebnekaise mountains, the brothers talk about their lives with paddling while the turquoise blue waters of the river passing The highlight of the trip is a visit to the difficult-to-access cabin of Lisa far away from trails and other people.

To believe is one thing...

Documentary | 0:10

Clas Svahn, who works for the organization UFO-Sverige, once said: "To believe is one thing, to know is something completely different". This phrase describes the organization in a good way, as they investigate UFO cases in Sweden to simply get answers to how it actually is and what people are seeing in the sky. In this film, we will meet Clas Svahn, who tells us about the organization and how they work.