Block: Nordic Documentaries 1

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Documentary | 0:09

Two brothers try to reconnect after realizing what have been keeping them apart for years: the death of their 3rd brother.

The Last of the Ferrymen

Documentary | 0:14

The Last of the Ferrymen (original title "Vuoksen viimeinen lautturi") is a documentary film that tells the story of the Finnish ferryman Taisto Kainulainen and the great river of Vuoksi. In the early 1990’s Imatra resident Taisto Kainulainen has a dream in which he is told to carry people over the waters. Inspired by the dream Taisto purchases a boat which he still uses today to carry people on the river Vuoksi. There have already been more than 60,000 passengers on board, from dozens of different countries. Vuoksi is Finland’s largest body of water, a huge river which flows from lake Saimaa through the city of Imatra to Europe's biggest lake, Lake Ladoga in Russia. The river has seen many remarkable Finnish and world history events: the industrialization of Finland and the urbanization of the Finnish society, Finland’s first national tourist attraction - The Imatra Rapids, and central events of The Second World War.