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Documentary | 1:01

CHILIS ARE HOT Undeniably, there’s a worldwide trend towards spicier food. There are more and more chili-specialized farms, producers, online shops, forums, blogs, festivals and competitions. There’s a quest to develop the World’s hottest chili, to distill the hottest hot sauce, to eat the biggest amount of super hot chilis in the shortest time. Chilis have become a real superfood in countless shapes, colors and flavors: a kind of global warming, but in a good way—join our epic journey to the hottest festivals, anecdotes and receipes around the World, and listen to experts and chili heads like: Dave DeWitt, “Chili Pope” and founder of the Fiery Foods Show Sohyi Kim, Korean master chef Dejian Li, President of the World Chili Alliance and China’s biggest chili processor Enzo Monaco, founder of the Accademia Italiana del Peperoncino Erich and Priska Stekovics, Austria’s biggest chili farmers Josef Zotter, innovative chocolate maker