Block: Nordic Short 9

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A Sunday in Portsmouth

Drama, Mystery | 0:24

‘A Sunday in Portsmouth’ is a lyrical journey through a quiet night, where mysterious and magical forces are unleashed. The football agent Thorsten meets Matilda who is half his age. They are traveling on a ferry from France to the habour town, Portsmouth in England. Matilda is in distress so Thorsten wants to help, but really it is just as much he himself who is in trouble. Their meeting is part awkward, part tender. But despite seemingly very different, the two share something. A feeling that connects them for a brief moment in time. A moment that seems to attract magical forces. ‘A Sunday in Portsmouth’ is Sigurd Kølster’s director’s cut version of his graduation film from the National Film & Television School. It stars Swedish actor Simon J. Berger and Scottish actress Sorcha Groundsell. The short film is a poetic and quiet depiction of the acceptance of loss, with a cinematic language based on magical realism. Its finale is a wordless and musical depiction of coming into contact with trauma. Slowly opening up to feelings that have been hidden away. As the last step before a healing process can begin.