Block: Nordic Short 5

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Thy Holy Wings

Drama | 0:12

Veronica and Petter have recently lost a child. In the aftermath of the tragedy, it becomes clear that they both want to process their grief in different ways. While Petter wants to talk about the sorrow and share it, Veronica seeks contact somewhere else. She needs to connect with their child one last time. Only then can the grieving start. "Thy Holy Wings" is a film about the paradox of experiencing the same tragedy and yet being alone in it. About the absurdity of returning to everyday life again. But it is also a film about seeking comfort and peace in something, no matter how otherworldly it may be.

Sunday Roast

Drama, Thriller | 0:14

Holger lives alone in his apartment. When 60 years younger Anna moves into the same stairwell, he invites her to a Sunday dinner. What first appears to be a nice dinner is gradually changing into something else. Sunday Roast is about mental disorders and revolves around the conflict between curiosity, obligation and danger.