Block: Nordic Nominated 4

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If You Knew

Drama | 0:20

Om Du Visste / If You Knew, is a story about a young Finnish-Swedish man who is forced to face his repressed childhood when the national duty calls.

Stand by

Drama | 0:18

As Hannah gives consent to disconnect her comatose mother from life support without her sister's approval, she grapples with sharing the heartbreaking truth. The story unravels the delicate balance between unresolved family dynamics and an exploration of acceptance, love, and the complexities of life's most profound decisions.

Impressions of Red

Drama | 0:16

Rose’s boyfriend Peter is having his first exhibition as a debutant painter. At first, Rose seems happy and supportive on Peter's behalf, but as the exhibition gets closer, Rose's perception of herself changes, and she is confronted with a deep feeling of jealousy.