Block: Short Int Nom 6


Drama, Mystery | 0:15

Dora turns 16. Strangely, for some time now, she has been eating like an ogre and locking herself with her friends for long hours around a strange thing, stirring up her mother’s sick curiosity.

The Mirror

Drama, Mystery | 0:11

A hunter returns home after yet another unsuccessful day and is heartened by his wife who welcomes him into their humble but warm home. The next day, the man takes up his rifle again and finds the tracks of a deer, follows him waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The hunter loses track of the animal, but discovers a beautiful clearing with a clear and pure lake in the center. In the following days the man, as recalled from that place, will return over and over again, neglecting his hunting and his duties as a husband. Now possessed by that terrible call, he will finally find peace.