Block: Short Int Nom 5


Drama | 0:19

Through the eyes of Ana, a young teenager, we will be able to see how continued harassment can nullify and destroy the personality of any minor.

Road to Hell

1-minute film | 0:01

The road to Hell gets shorter the faster you drive. This is the story of a young man speeding down the 'Road to Hell.' Will he slow down in time when the Grim Reaper comes knocking?


1-minute film | 0:01

A ring discovered by a little girl is carried throughout generations by her.

Strange christmas

1-minute film, Dance | 0:01

A couple meet again in a magical garden. An invisible force prevents them from touching, hugging, kissing.

Pedidos (Orders)

1-minute film | 0:01

Maria, expectantly, prepares herself at home to receive someone in times of a pandemic. The pandemic has shown the need for human beings as social beings, this is a message in a 1-minute short film.

A human shoe

1-minute film | 0:01

When you live alone, world turns into nothing and you will become like a human shoe