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Collaboration and Adaptation

Collaboration and Adaptation

Lecturer: Melissa Skirboll, Workshop/Discussion USA

My Dinner With Schwartzey was originally published as a short story in the 1980's.

In 2015 the author of the story was asked to do an evening of dramatizations of her
short stories for theatre - I had the privilege of working with her as director and
dramaturge on that project. We decided to further that partnership by turning Schwartzey
into the short film screening here in 2019. What is the journey from story to stage to
screen? What are the challenges and rewards of co-writing? How do you successfully
overcome two different visions. Melissa will use excerpts from the three versions of
Schwartzey to illustrate the differences.


Date: 12 Oct, 11:30
Language: English
Plats: Box 2

Pris: Fri entre för publik med dagsbiljett, festivalkort. Övriga 50 kr
Price: Free entry for attendees with day ticket/every day ticket. Others: 50 kr