Drama | Norway

If you would wake up to a world where everyone knows you better than yourself, would you listen or would you run? A young man, Benjamin, has escaped to a rural town in hope of getting away from his problems. But even if he is far away from his daily life his problems are still there. As he walks around in the town he keeps on meeting strangers that seemingly knows everything about him, even more than he knows himself. Benjamin he tries to escape, but there seems to be no way around himself.


Friday, October 29, 8:00 pm
Lovisagården (Slottsgatan 6, Västerås)
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Saturday, October 23, 3:00 pm
Saga Hallstahammar (Storgatan 12, Hallstahammar)
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Director Daniel Paida Larsen
Writer Daniel Paida Larsen
Producer Daniel Paida Larsen, Marius Soma, Rune Hagerup
Cinematographer Runar Sørheim
Key cast Thomas Ottersen, Ida Ingels, Eirik Willyson, Lars Reynert, Martin Andersen
Other credits Art Direction: Ragnhild Juliane Sletta; Costume Design: Kristin Blystad Collins; Sound, Sound Design: Ruben Åeng; Editor: Mathias Hamre Askeland; Music: Knut Sævik


Year 2019
Duration 0h 10m
Genres Drama
Language Norwegian with English subtitles