Drama | Portugal

Years after her son’s disappearance, a mother keeps trying to him after an abduction that justice cannot solve while she is moving in a universe that wants to force her to forget the past and mourn a child she believes is still alive.


Sunday, August 21, 2:00 pm
K2 Västerås Museum (Karlsgatan 2, Västerås)
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Director Bruno Gascon
Writer Bruno Gascon
Producer Joana Domingues
Key cast Ana Moreira, Miguel Borges, Vítor Norte, Joana Ribeiro, Tomás Alves, Ana Cristina Oliveira, Sara Sampaio, Lúcia Moniz, Ana Bustorff
Other credits Lead Artists: Ana Moreira; Key Collaborators: Paulo Castilho, Filipe Goulart, Inês Lebreaud, Zorana Meic


Year 2020
Duration 1h 55m
Genres Drama
Language English, Portuguese with English subtitles