Drama | United States

Iman is on a student visa and just returned from a trip to see her family. After being together for 4 years, her and her boyfriend Evan get engaged and are planning to get married. However, during an interview with an immigration officer, Iman’s world is about to collapse. The immigration officer is suspecting her of immigration fraud. He is asking her to present “material proof” that she is entering the marriage with a US citizen “in good faith”. Some of the proof that she is being asked to provide would reveal details that not even her family knows. And what Iman considers the most important proof would make her family either kill her or have her killed.


Saturday, October 23, 4:00 pm
Lovisagården (Slottsgatan 6, Västerås)
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Thursday, October 28, 5:30 pm
Saga Hallstahammar (Storgatan 12, Hallstahammar)
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Director Nora Jaenicke
Writer Nora Jaenicke
Producer Sonny Chatrath, Nora Jaenicke, Richard Stein, Dar- ren Cole, Judy Toma, Adi Katz
Cinematographer Jakob Creutzburg
Key cast Preeti Gupta, Jacopo Rampini, Robert Wilson
Other credits Art Direction, Costume Designer: Nora Jaenicke; Sound: Elizabetha Rakilina; Editor: Jakob Creutzburg; Sound Design: Maurizio Bergman; Music: Victor Gangl


Year 2019
Duration 0h 10m
Genres Drama
Language English with subtitles