Comedy, drama | Sweden

Styrbjörn lives with his macho father and brother in the deep woods of Sweden. One day on a hunting expedition he finds himself eye to eye with the mythic white moose Brutus but he’s unable to pull the trigger.

Back in the hunting cabin his family mocks and ridicule him. His father also shames him for putting innocent lives at risk by not shooting this evil beast. He then tells a legend so exaggerated that Styrbjörn storms out and takes his frustration out on the road by driving furiously in the woods. Suddenly Brutus appears in the headlights and Styrbjörn hit the brakes.


Thursday, October 28, 5:30 pm
Lovisagården (Slottsgatan 6, Västerås)
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DirectorMarcus Holmqvist
WriterMarcus Holmqvist
ProducerMarcus Holmqvist
Key castMarcus Holmqvist, David Billström, Rolf Skoglund, Claire Wikholm
Other creditsOriginal art by: Karl Persson; Animation: Christofer Ahde, Marcus Holmqvist; Original Score: Fredrik Jonasson; Sound Design: Sandra Wingdahl; Sound technician: Mattias Jansson; Editor: Marcus Holmqvist; Digital Compositing: Sonny Hamberg


Duration0h 10m
GenresComedy, drama
LanguageSwedish with subtitles