Comedy, drama | Sweden

The cause, event and consequences of a social face plant.
We get to see how Klas makes a really bad decision during a zoom meeting, in order to save his own appearance. His idea backfires and he experiences a social face plant in front of his colleagues. We then get to follow how he copes with being socially humiliated.


Saturday, August 27, 3:30 pm
Carlforsska Konserthall (Sångargatan 1, Västerås)
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Thursday, August 25, 8:30 pm
MiniBio (Munkgatan 7, Västerås)
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Director Sara Kjellander
Writer Sara Kjellander
Producer Stockholm’s film school
Key cast Daniel Rosenholm, Tomas Kesa, Emilie Amidani, Mikael Stener, Ann-Lottie Håkansson
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Year 2022
Duration 0h 15m
Genres Comedy, drama
Language Swedish with English subtitles