Documentary | Sweden

This is a true story about a young Swedish man, that had a dream of living a life in America. He dared to take the step, most people talk about but never do.
He lives his dream to the fullest in California, with the cars, music and style… Henrik loves his life, including finding cars for enthusiasts all over the world. He loves being able to live in California, doing what he always dreamt of. Cars, music, style, weather..everything here is what he always looked for, and now has found.


Saturday, October 30, 4:30 pm
Carlforsska (Sångargatan 1, Västerås)
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Director Matz Eklund
Writer Matz Eklund
Producer Matz Eklund
Key cast Matz Eklund
Other credits


Year 2019
Duration 1h 15m
Genres Documentary
Language English, Swedish with English subtitles