Comedy | Russian Federation

Two people met and fell in love. Seemingly, it’s just an ordinary event. But everyone around the couple declared war against their love. Elsa and Leonid are past 70. She was recently widowed and should be in mourning, even for the husband she didn’t love, while he is a complete stranger in the Altai village where Elsa lives, and where the film unfolds.


Wednesday, October 27, 6:00 pm
Carlforsska (Sångargatan 1, Västerås)
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Director Julia Kolesnik
Writer Julia Kolesnik, Alexander Rusakov
Producer Alexander Kessel, Ruslan Sorokin, Galina Sytsko, Eugeniy Yaschuk, Guillaume De Seille
Key cast Irina Pechernikova, Veniamin Smekhov, Anna Ukolova, Lubov Konstantinova, Sergey Epishev, Maria Bekker
Other credits Camera: Evgeniy Tsvetkov; Music: Anton Silaev; Art Director: Denis Bauer


Year 2020
Duration 1h 38m
Genres Comedy
Language Russian with English subtitles