Drama | Switzerland

A beautiful Sunday morning Simon wakes up with Stephanie, he feels intense pain never met beforehand. He moans slightly and turns to Stephanie, who awakes in turn hearing the rales of Simon. While asking her what is happening she reads in her eyes the suffering that gnaws at her, she stands up and approaches him hastily, at this moment Simon weakens and falls back into bed. Simon is transported…


Friday, August 26, 3:30 pm
K2 Västerås Museum (Karlsgatan 2, Västerås)
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Monday, August 22, 8:30 pm
MiniBio (Munkgatan 7, Västerås)
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Director Michaël Rué
Writer Michaël Rué
Producer Michaël Rué
Key cast Alban Giacobino, Irina Bogomolova, Mich, Léa Trolliet
Other credits


Year 2020
Duration 0h 12m
Genres Drama
Language French with English subtitles