Comedy, dance | United States

A Chaplinesque chase drives a runaway wanderer to make his escape by posing as a chef for an impatient wedding party. Being a complete culinary incompetent, he creates a percussive symphony out of pots, pans, cheese graters, measuring cups and food in order to hide his lack of cooking skills. In the process, he somehow manages to create a feast for the wedding party – which in turn, inspires them to dance a celebratory tarantella.


Saturday, October 23, 1:00 pm
Lovisagården (Slottsgatan 6, Västerås)
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Thursday, October 28, 3:00 pm
Saga Hallstahammar (Storgatan 12, Hallstahammar)
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Director Joe Chvala
Writer Joe Chvala
Producer Joe Chvala
Cinematographer Steve Campbell
Key cast Peter O’Gorman, Joe Chvala, Karla Grotting, Charles Robinson, Brian Evans, Gabrielle Dominique, Heather Klopchin, Galen Higgins
Other credits Composer: Peter O’Gorman, Victor Zupanc, Dan Chouinard; Choreographer: Joe Chvala


Year 2019
Duration 0h 08m
Genres Comedy, dance
Language English