Drama, fantasy | Sweden

It is morning. General Alvar and his daughter Ragnhild have been out in the woods training all night, and they’re heading back home. Ragnhild wants to be a soldier, and although she’s dextrous with the sword, Alvar doesn’t think she has what it takes to be one. But when Alvar’s life is threatened by the mysterious thief in the woods, she rises to the occasion and proves her worth.
Birth of a Warrior is a fantasy film for the 21st century.


Saturday, October 23, 4:30 pm
Saga Hallstahammar (Storgatan 12, Hallstahammar)
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Director Arantxa Hurtado
Writer Christian Eddan Knell
Producer Arantxa Hurtado, Adrian Burt
Cinematographer Adrian Burt
Key cast Nilla Hansson, Tarmo Sakari Hietala, Johannes Stenmarck
Other credits Sound Design: Hampus Kung; Sound Recording: Stellan Särlefalk; Lighting Department: Anders Dahl, John Andersson; Camera operators: Adrian Burt, Love Oijens; Focus Pullers: Andreas Petrander, Filip Önell; Editors: Arantxa Hurtado, Adrian Burt; Music composer: Arnaud Drieu; Color Grading: Antonio La Torre; Costume Designer: Tove Sollerud; Make up artist: Veronica Liljeblad


Year 2020
Duration 0h 09m
Genres Drama, fantasy
Language Swedish with subtitles