In previous years, we have shown films in the theme of Vulnerability. These can be things like prostitution, violence against women, genital mutilation, alcoholism and much more. We think it is important to address these and similar topics, and film is an excellent form of expression for this.

Below is a list of these films.

Girls From Earth

Girls from Earth is a documentary dealing with the subject of Female Genital Mutilation (also known as FGM). We follow a European 16-year-old girl, and an African 15-year-old girl who gets to know each other. We gain an insight into what it can be like to live in a society where circumcision and early marriage are part of tradition, and how some oppose this and help others.

Girls from Earth shows how complex traditional behaviors like FGM are, and how change is a possible albeit slow process.

Jag är en siffra att räkna med!

Jag är en siffra att räkna med! is a campaign film for the Global Goals developed by undp (UN Development Programme).

The film puts the younger generation at the centre and encourages young people to become leading roles in sustainable development!


“We are the first generation to eradicate poverty, and the last to stop the ice from melting!”

The Global Goals are a common plan for a sustainable future. Everyone is needed for the goals to become a reality – including you! Visit the www.globalamå and learn more about the goals and #BliMålmedveten!

Ett barnbarns berättelse, mordet på farmor

7333 Sekunder Johanna

Therese Eriksson is a documentary filmmaker based in Västerås, Sweden. She made a movie about her murdered grandmother. You get to follow relatives and friends and their experiences about what has happened around the murder.

7333 Sekunder Johanna is a film about Johanna who struggles to get through her divorce from a man who refuses and instead exposes her to psychological and financial violence. The film is as the title says, 7333 seconds long, and is filmed in one take. Anette Skåhlberg debuts as a director and actress in a feature film.


The Incomplete Story

Trädgårdsgatan is a Swedish feature film about a family weighed down by their parents’ drug addiction, and how the children Eric and Elin experienced this. Eric and Elin meet as adults and remember what it was like when they met for the first time. Their parents abused drugs, but for a few months a summer they lived together as a family. How has this affected them? They have different views on how things were.

The Incomplete Story is about the dangers faced by prostitutes in uganda’s capital. It’s a poignant story like how poverty forces young women to walk the streets and sell themselves with an ever-imminent fear of violence, humiliation and the threat of HIV and AIDS.

The Invisible Children

The Invisible Children is about stateless children in the Third World. Children who thus lose the protection and benefits that citizenship would bring.

Besatt (Obsessed)

Besatt (Obsessed) by Robert Reinholdsson is a gripping film about alcoholism, based on a true story. Reinholdsson gave a presentation about the film during västerås film festival 2019, and also won the Region Prize of the Year with the jury’s motivation:

“You have created a film production in a short time based on the conditions that were possible. That you, with commitment and willingness, carried out the film production against all odds in a creative and professional way when you lacked budget from the start.”