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Honorary Award 2019

Honorary Award 2019

Colin Nutley & Helena Bergström

Västerås International Film Festival hereby announces that we are awarding this year's Honorary Award to Helena Bergström and Colin Nutley.

We award this years Honorary award based on your wonderful career in the film industry. You have over the years created movies together that the audience have loved. You have collaborated and created an unique expression in your films both as director and as actor. Helena has shown a great contrast, empathy and energy in all her various creation in a convincing way. Colin has shown great awareness, precision and emotion in the script and directing that makes characters and action naturally weave together into a strong and living story. You have both shown that outside the cinema, you have a professional and strong integrity, but also a great humility for the media and the audience.

The prize will be awarded at this years Awards ceremony October 12th at the Aros Congress Center in Västerås together with international and Swedish film industry. The award is presented by the Governor of Västmanland: Minoo Akhtarzand.

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