At Västerås Film Festival we do not only wish to present new and interesting films from around the world, but we also arrange other film-related activities, e.g. lectures, workshops, or presentations of “work in progress”. We have had many contributors who have held lectures and workshops in different areas. Here is a short presentation of them.

Simon Norrthon, Union President, The Swedish Union for Performing Arts and Film

Simon had a presentation about film production in Sweden from the perspective of the union’s members and the industry.

Fredrik Lindqvist, Scriptwriter

Fredrik has led a popular and recurring scriptwriting workshop. He has a long experience in the film industry in Sweden.

Bob Yothers

Bob Yothers held a Director’s Masterclass on film production from start to finish. He is originally from the USA but he lives and works in the Netherlands. He has had a couple of films selected at the festival.


Malin B. Erikson, intimacy coordinator on stage & film

Malin talked about her experience as an intimacy coordinator, here in Sweden, and in England and USA, where this profession originated.

Melissa Skirboll, Workshop/Discussion USA

Melissa held a presentation on her new short film My Dinner With Schwartzey, talked about the process and what it was like collaborating with the writer of the short story on which the film is based, and how you can go from different visions to a finished product. Melissa Skirboll has had several films selected at the festival.

Lorenzo Ianello

Lorenzo held a work-in-progress presentation about his latest film project and how he was planning on using crowdfunding. Lorenzo won Best International Short Film 2017 with Margherita.