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The Filmmaker of the Year Award 2019 goes to Melissa Skirboll USA / New York.

The award – Filmmaker Of The Year 2019 – goes to Melissa Skirboll (USA) who has shown great commitment to Västerås Film Festival, demonstrated great creative and -experimental qualities as a filmmaker. Her various films shows a wide range from dance films to drama.

Her focus has a clear direction, to make feature films in the future.
Melissa has participated in several national and international film festivals over the years with a great success and she has received various awards. With commitment, awareness and creativity she creates her success. We believe in Melissa.

Congratulations Melissa Skirboll!
The prize will be awarded at the awards ceremony on 12 October, where you will also have the opportunity to meet Melissa in person.


We need one more day to land and decide the complete nominees list. It’s ready tomorrow September 10th at 20.00 o’clock.


Västerås film festival program 2019 will be completed September 1st. Lots of movies from different parts of the world. Workshops, lectures, price ceremonies, parties and mingle.

Festivities and mingle

There will be opening mingle on October 4 at Sky Bar. Every evening during the week we can meet at Sky Bar from 19:00, a great chance for filmmakers to meet.

We will have an opening party on October 5 at O’Leary’s new night club. After the awards ceremony on October 12, we will hold the after-party there.

More about times and other details will come later.

Setting the program

The work on the program has now begun. All the films will be organised into groups and be assigned a screening time. All this will take a couple of weeks to complete, and we estimate to be finished on September 1. Before the program is released, we will publish the selection of films.

All films have been selected

Now all movies are selected. This year, it became more difficult than previous years to select films for the festival. For the quality has increased, and we have received very good films from all over the world. We thank everyone who sent their films to us. Although many films did not go on to the festival itself this year, they were good, and we feel honoured by all the fantastic stories we got to share. But we have to choose some of all these, although we would prefer to have them all, it is not possible. We thank all filmmakers with love and congratulate everyone who went on to screen at Västerås Film Festival 2019.

Festival Director
Carlos Morén

News for 2019


Events for the year 2019

This year we will offer more workshops and exhibits than before, where we will work with new partners during the festival in 2019.

Mingle every evening at Sky Bar and some evenings at O’Learys with special prices for festival visitors.

Rooms with discounts at Hotel Plaza, including food.

Art exhibition “Motion” at Ozone Gallery. We will also show short films here.

Master Classes and lectures by directors throughout the week.

Premiere mingle at SKYBAR Oct 4th.

Festival party at O´LEARYS and SKY BAR on Oct 5th.

The Award Ceremony will be held at the newly renovated AROS CONGRESS CENTER for a large audience on Oct 12th.

The afterparty will be held at O´LEARYS and SKYBAR Oct 12th.

Many interesting guests will visit the festival this year. More information about this will come later on.
Oct 4th Opening Ceremony, premiere film and mingle
Oct 5th Opening party at O’LEARYS and SKY BAR
Oct 12th Fantastic Film gala with mingle, award ceremony and party.
Oct 12th Closing party at O`LEARYS and SKY BAR.
Oct 4-13 Various events and film screenings.
Let yourself be swept away to the magical world of cinema! Do not miss this year’s film fest!