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New website is in the works

The biggest interest ever for Västerås Film Festival.

Over 1 million unique visitors and over 2.5 million visits in one year on our website. To meet the new pressure on our website, we will create a new website which will have its premiere in August 2020. With new features which will satisfy our target audience locally, nationally and internationally.

The Filmmaker of the Year Award 2019 goes to Melissa Skirboll USA / New York.

The award – Filmmaker Of The Year 2019 – goes to Melissa Skirboll (USA) who has shown great commitment to Västerås Film Festival, demonstrated great creative and -experimental qualities as a filmmaker. Her various films shows a wide range from dance films to drama.

Her focus has a clear direction, to make feature films in the future.
Melissa has participated in several national and international film festivals over the years with a great success and she has received various awards. With commitment, awareness and creativity she creates her success. We believe in Melissa.

Congratulations Melissa Skirboll!
The prize will be awarded at the awards ceremony on 12 October, where you will also have the opportunity to meet Melissa in person.


We need one more day to land and decide the complete nominees list. It’s ready tomorrow September 10th at 20.00 o’clock.


Västerås film festival program 2019 will be completed September 1st. Lots of movies from different parts of the world. Workshops, lectures, price ceremonies, parties and mingle.