Winners 2017

Winners 2017

Best International Feature Film

Wilderness, UK

Director: Justin John Doherty

Writers: Neil Fox
Producers: Justin John Doherty, Neil Fox

Best International Short Film

Margherita, Italy

Director: Lorenzo Iannello

Writers: Lorenzo Iannello
Producers: Gioachino Iannello, Riccardo De Flaviis

Best International Documentary

Standing with Standing Rock, USA

Director: Bob Yothers

Writers: Bob Yothers

Best 1-Minute Film

Decay, Sweden

Director: Matilda Wikingson

Writers: Matilda Wikingson
Producers: Matilda Wikingson

Best Animation

Below 0°, Costa Rica

Director: Itai Hagage, Jonathan Gomez

Writers: Itai Hagage, Jonathan Gomez

Best International Screenplay

Wilderness, UK

Writer: Neil Fox

Best Directing

Wilderness, UK

Director: Justin Doherty

Best International Photography

The Albino's Trees, Japan

Director of Photography: Masakazu Kaneko

Best Female Actor

I did her wrong, USA

Catalina Lavalle as Sophie

Best Male Actor

Swimming In the Desert, USA

Tony Plana as Paul

Best Nordic Feature Film

Vykort Från Petrokemin, Sweden

Director: Simon Borka Gunnarsson

Writers: Simon Borka Gunnarsson
Producers: Markus Frantz

Best National Documentary

A Farmer’s Poetry, Sweden

Director: Roland Persson

Producers: Andreas Gejke

Best National Short Film

Everything Plays the Part, Nothing Is, Sweden

Director: Johan Skantze

Writers: Johan Skantze, Mattias Jonsson
Producers: Johan Skantze, Mattias Jonsson

Best National Directing

Vykort Från Petrokemin, Sweden

Director: Simon Borka Gunnarsson

Best National Screenplay

En Flickas Hämnd, Sweden

Writers: Max Marklund

Best National Photography

En Flickas Hämnd, Sweden

Director of Photography: Anders Jacobsson

Best National Female Actor

Everything Plays the Part, Nothing Is, Sweden

Amy Mattsson as Bibi

Best National Male Actor

Vykort Från Petrokemin, Sweden

Lars Väringer as Ingemar

Jury Honorary Award

Maria Lundqvist

Regional Prize

Robin Widell

The New Star Award

Malte Myrenberg Gårdinger children and youth talent prize

Thea Karmgård och Linnéa Lundström

Jury Talent Award

Fredrik Hellqvist