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This Year’s Artists

This Year’s Artists


Freddy Amigo, a great opera singer

Performs both in Sweden and on the international stage. Freddy is from Västerås and is loyal toward his hometown.
He is humble and with a creative vein when he performs. He becomes different 
characters and gives the audience different expressions in sång and visually.
He has a voice which captivates you.




Agnes Cohen, a young girl with a mature voice.

She sings jazz like pop.
A resident of Stockholm. Her voice is sweet as honey 
and makes us dream of the glory days of jazz. She wakes jazz from its slumber and makes it come alive.

A star in the making.



Alien, a one of a kind predator.

With its brutal and hard nature
, it does not compromise on its instinct. The blood is acid and Alien is quick and creative in how it
catches its prey, humans.

So watch out, he will be here at the festival!

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