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About the Film Festival

About the Film Festival

The Aims of the Film Festival

Stimulate filmmaking in locally, nationally and internationally.
Encourage the viewing of quality films in different genres regionally, nationally and internationally.
Encourage and provide recognition for filmmakers by awarding prizes in various categories of creative, qualitative and unique films at four levels; secondary level, regional level, national level and international level.

To provide Västerås a place in the film world as a cultural city and carrier of film culture.

Festival 4th -13th Oct. 2019

During the 10 days we will have many different events for the general public and the interested filmmaker.

There will be films in different genres to suit different tastes. The films will also have a quality that makes them attractive to the discerning viewer.

  • Feature films, short films, documentaries and special films
  • Opening party 4th Oct.
  • Fantastic film gala : awards ceremony and party 12th Oct.
  • The filmmakers talks about their films at the open stage at the Box cinema at Culturen in Västerås

Let yourself be drawn into the film’s fantastic world! Do not miss this year’s film fest!

Västerås Film Festival was founded in 2015 by Carlos Morén and is now preparing for its fourth year. The aim of the Festival is to strengthen interest for quality film productions on a regional, national and international level. In 2016 we screened feature films for the first time.

We are showing films from Sweden and other countries around the world. We select and screen films of several different kinds; one minute films, shortfilms, feature films, documentaries and animations.

In addition to great films, there will be workshops, debates, interviews and other events. The Film Festival concludes with a grand gala and awards ceremony.

Join us on this journey and help us make Västerås into a center for great film!